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Welcome to the vibrant universe of CenturyPly® CenturyExteria. A brand new range of exterior grade designer laminate panels that promises to revolutionize home and office facades across India. Going beyond the world of interiors, we bring you the best of exterior solutions in a variety of designer shades & patterns. Locally manufactured at CenturyPly’s own manufacturing facility in India, CenturyExteria makes it a lot easier to meet your project deadlines. Meant to create a lasting impression, CenturyExteria drapes building facades with style, and comes with the CenturyPly® assurance of quality and reliability.

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  • 10 Years Warranty

  • Bending Resistant

  • Double Hardened

  • Both Side Decorative

  • Easy And Rapid Installation

  • Highly UV Resistant

  • Impact Resistant

  • Low Maintenance Cost

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  • Commercial Projects
  • Residential Projects
  • Other Projects
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